Diabetes and Heart Disease

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 6:22
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If you’re a diabetic and you have heart disease, you may want to consider your options before you have an angioplasty procedure. New research advises that the most worthwhile treatment for heart disease in diabetics could be medications, which are an old standby.

Most diabetics die because they have heart disease, nevertheless an angioplasty might not be needed for every condition. A better choice may be to take the load off of the heart by utilizing medications to lower the blood pressure, in some cases.

What is the Best Option for Diabetics to Treat Heart Disease?

In order to open up their clogged arteries, angioplasty has been recommended by some doctors for those diabetics with heart disease; this has been the case for years. Angioplasty is highly priced and a balloon is used for widening blocked coronaries. During or after the surgery, there is up to a five percent risk of heart attack and a two percent mortality rate, even though the procedure is generally regarded as safe. Sometimes the artery clogs up during the operation; if that happens, then bypass surgery has to be done.

The results of this study indicate that medications can be used to treat heart disease in diabetics just as effectively, if the disease is considered to be mild or moderate. Frequently doctors and patients searching for a “fast treatment” decide to use angioplasty to help with diabetic heart disease, but this procedure is risky because there is a one out of twenty chance of a heart attack. There may be a greater risk of problems for Diabetics certainly if they have an underlying kidney problem or another type of problem that is related to diabetes. Elderly people, women and people with medical ailments may have a greater risk.

Heart Disease Treatment for Diabetics

To treat heart disease in diabetics there are several medications available, which is very fortunate. Typically statins are used to bring cholesterol levels down and decrease the basic risk of heart attack.

Various medications called ACE inhibitors support blood pressure reduction and can also be used as a remedy for heart disease in diabetics. While the type of medication prescribed is based on the needs of the individual, the results of this study imply that utilizing the correct combination of medications may reduce the risk of heart attack and deaths related to heart problems just as well as angioplasty does.

Diabetics With Heart Disease:  The Conclusion?

If heart disease is a major problem for you, the best option may be angioplasty, but if heart disease is a minor problem, medications could be used safely as an effective treatment for your symptoms. To decide which option is the best choice for you, speak with your doctor.

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